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Articles which might be of interest include:

BBC News Health site (08/10/13) UK firm seeks to market world's first malaria vaccine 

RSC site (10/09/13) Mosquito repellents from skin secretions 

BBC News Science & Environment site (09/09/13) Mosquito 'invisibility cloak' discovered

Cosmetics design-europe.com (13/09/13) Scientists discover user-friendly mosquito repellent that could be used in cosmetics

BBC News Health site (08/08/13) Malaria vaccine shows early promise in clinical trials 

BBC News Science & Environment site (16/05/13) Malaria parasite lures mosquito to human odour

BBC News Health site (10/05/13) Malaria hope: Bacteria that make mosquitoes resistant

BBC News Wales (08/05/13) Tropical diseases: UK warned of rising threat

BBC News Health (29/04/13) Parasite 'resistant to malaria drug artemisinin' 

BBC News Health site (15/04/13) Malaria hotspots 'need new approach'

BBC News Science & Environment site (21/02/13) Mosquitoes ignore repellent Deet after first exposure

BBC News US & Canada (05/01/13) Can genetically modified mosquitoes prevent disease in the US? 

BBC News Magazine Site (11/12/12) Ultrasound mosquito repellents: Zapping the myth

Daily Mail News Site (21/11/12) Warning as dengue fever hits Europe: 1,300 cases in worst outbreak since the 1920s

The Telegraph Health News Site (25/04/12) Diseased mosquito heading to southern England  

BBC News Science & Environment Site (30/10/11) GM mosquitoes show fever promise

BBC News Magazine Site (23/08/11) Is the mosquito menace growing in the UK?

BBC News Health Site (18/08/11) Mosquitoes 'developing resistance to bed nets'

Daily Telegraph Article (14/08/11) Malaria claiming more British birds

BBC News Health Site (15/05/11) Malaria blocks 'super-infection'

BBC News Health Site (21/04/11) GM mosquitoes offer malaria hope

BBC News Health Site (8/04/11) Monkeys 'harbour malaria threat'

BBC News US & Canada Site (16/11/10) Malaria vaccine: Inside look at first human trial

BBC News Health Site (29/10/10) Experts say efforts to beat malaria may backfire

BBC News Health Site (21/10/10) Malaria: a major global killer

Daily Telegraph Article (29/9/10) Britain to spend £500m tackling malaria

BBC News Science & Environment Site (16/07/10) Malaria-proof mosquito engineered

Daily Telegraph (09/07/10) Why can't we rid the world of malaria?

BBC News Magazine (6/07/10) Anti-malarial pills didn't stop me getting the disease

Daily Telegraph Article (05/10/09) Net gains of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

BBC Health Website (09/09/09) New Malaria poses human threat

Mail on Sunday Article (09/08/09) Go Natural to ward off Mozzies

Telegraph Magazine Article (01/08/09) Bug Central - The London School of Hygiene and Tropcial Medicine.

Daily Telegraph Article (19/06/09) French Helicopters spray mosquitos threatening to swamp Britain

Daily Telegraph Article (07/06/09) Nine alien insects to cause pain, illness and even death in Britain as climate warms up

BBC News Site (29/05/09) Malaria parasites 'resist drugs'

Guardian Article (03/05/09) France fears plague of mosquitoes in Med resorts

BBC News Site (10/04/09) 'Double whammy' malaria drug hope 

Daily Mail Article (15/03/09) Lazer gun to offer new hope on Malaria

Daily Mail Article Wasp Week


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